T R A N S I T I O N / M E R G E R EP

by Icantdie

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"Transition/Merger" is the result of many years of hard work inspired by a lot of heartbreak, confusion, insanity and realisation of where your true infatuations with life lie.
All this told under a sound with anger and sheer ventilation of that anger over life being such a bitch!




released July 18, 2016

Icantdie are:
Kyle Smith - Vocals/Guitars/Bass
Sean Ruck - Drums
Music and Lyrics by Kyle Smith
Music performed by Icantdie
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Gav Burrough at Tidy Studios, Bridgend
Additional vocals on Merger by Mitchell Bock
Group vocals on Golgothan provided by Drew Hamley, Dan Trigga, Gav Burrough, Lewis Pilling and Daniel Griffiths



all rights reserved


Icantdie Bridgend, UK

Heavy alternative rock band trio from Bridgend South Wales.


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Track Name: Transition
Always willed,
Take no time to feel,
Never to return again
Lay yourself, when science proves you
All the ready still, I compensate all
Ive been competent in saying nothing at all

So take, your pride, your promise
And it not that you will have to hide
and save, your country, from your soul
Theres no place left to go........
Track Name: Merger (Ft Mitchell Bock)
Here we are, Im not taking this lightly
Its not a understatement, no
I know what i want
And this time I'm gonna take it
....Its like you want it written in blood!

Well, futures bleak
We are the company you seek
and I'm eating you raw,
But I'm so lost, bereft of all thought
and the idea of change scares me

You can't see me, I can see through you
and something is getting through
This won't ever ever work with your heart
Don't let it stop your start

And i know that change can feel so strange to you
Its just your human nature
Your country can live if you merge into me

Im your merger
And ill say "Bring it on!"

Track Name: Charlie Kelly

Block your door, Ill make a scene
For all to plainly see
And i know that you will laugh at this
At the similarity
I wanted to be the voice of reason
But i kept committing treason
To the man i thought I used to be, and still

You'll always be my waitress
And ill always be your king of the rats
Return to the hole from whence i came
But can't promise that i won't return again
Because you put me here and i won't stay in a dark place,
the spiders don't like a new face to stay

So, shoot me down as best you can, and ill get back up
seems so stupid to waste those final shots
And its wrong, so wrong, and its out of style
Ill let you desecrate anything to keep the smile

Pathetic means of interest
Delirious and dangerous
And we fear for our lives, but in different circumstances
Is this love or war?

Don't tell me that things have changed, cos nobody's listening up here.
Track Name: Golgothan
Take no prisoners while your laughing
Cos i know what you are, Ill always know
The best trick you pulled in all of this
Convincing the world, that this side of you didn't exist

Drain my body, even though communications are down
The suspense is killing me, and the end result will set us free
Theres no such thing as God in this town

(Father won't you save my soul?)
You've gotta be kidding me, I've just signed it off
(Father won't you save my soul?)
It wasn't yours for me to save at all!
(Father won't you save my soul?)
The silence is deafening, make it stop! make it stop!
(Father won't you save my soul?)
Faustus has nothing on you!

Such a dream, such an art, such corruption
Do your part and fade away
"Hope your moving up than below" is what they say

(Drain my body, communications are going down, going down now!)
The suspense is killing me, and the end result will set us free
Theres no such thing as God in this town

(Father won't you save my soul?)
Will you let me be dragged down, it took me alive, so alive, you decide
Your failure is mine, allow me to introduce

I am your faker
I am your fraud
I am the one that you will call your God from now.